Portraits on Lomography Color 100

More portraits. More new film stock. 

I've kept hearing about how good Lomography Color 100 and 400 are but never had the right project to work with them on. I pulled the trigger for some content I'm creating for Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, AL and couldn't be more pleased! This was all shot with Lomo Color 100 but I'm super eager to shoot Lomo Color 400 at 100 and process normally. I hear good things will come. Stay tuned for that.

The Film

Pros: It has a feel to it that fit perfectly with the vibe of the model (Ms. Chloe). Grain is great. Skin tones, amazing. Cost of the film AMAZINGER ($12.90 for 3 36 exposure rolls). 

Cons: Not really any. You'll see tonal changes image to image, but that's because those were shot outside on a somewhat cloudy day, so light changed. I also have Samuel Johnson assisting and would defuse a few shots. 

I've never really payed Lomography much attention becuase of the cheap plastic cameras they make. I figured the film they stocked was more for fun than professional work. I was wrong and have now used their color and black and white (Lady Grey 400). I'm hooked!


  • Leica M7
  • Zeiss ZM 35mm
  • Lomography Color 100
  • Paul C. Buff Lighting
  • Scottsboro, AL

P.S. Home development for both B&W film and C-41 color film is absolutely a piece of cake to do. It is well worth your investment of the chemistry and scanner to start processing yourself. You have a blast doing it and be more proud of your work, owning the process from roll to scan. My next steps... enlarging. I can't wait.

Go to The Film Photography Project and start shopping around for all the items you need to get started! 

In the even't you just want to shoot and turn your film over to a new Huntsville, AL local lab for processing, look no further than Archival Dev. We'll take care of you.