American Legion / Post 106

New film. New Places. 

I love moments when I'm driving and see a spot that demands my attention. This is American Legion | Post 106 in Georgia. I don't recall what backroad I took to find it on my way back from Chattanooga, TN, but it was an easy decision to stop and explore. I'd also recently decided to try out Lomography's Lady Grey 400. I'm definitely impressed with the film and will revisit using it down the road.  

Insider Scoop:

This was developed with Ilford's Ilfosol 3. "Matt, why would you use that crap"? Well, I'm still relatively new to the film developing game in house, and this was the most easily accessible developer to start with. It's extremely easy to use and give varying results. It works well with some BW film, not so much with others. If you're going to us Ilfosol 3, make sure to use slower films. I find that it doesn't have much room for higher grain films and the film will come out super grainy. Although I do love me some grain, I do not love me all the grain. 


After researching some other developers like Kodak's HC-110 and Ilfords Ilfotec HC, I went with the Ilfotec HC. Matt Day recommended this developer with Ilfords HP5 I haven't shot HP5 in many moons so will see what I like and dislike about using this combo and will develop with Ilfotec HC on several other film stocks to see how it handles it. From what I can tell, Ilfotec HC and Kodak HC-110 are pretty similar. More on that as I develop more. 


  • Leica M7
  • Zeiss ZM 35mm f/2.8
  • Lomography Lady Grey 
  • American Legion | Post 106