Random Encounters on Kentmere 400

The most entertaining impromptu photo session to date. 

I took off work for a day filled with Atlanta, GA exploration with my son, Isaac. Tiffany, my wife, was in a tax seminar all day (super fun... for her maybe, but it helps this machine to keep working) and we ended up at Ponce City Market that evening for some food and general walking around. Tiffany is enjoying wine and pasta with a friend so Isaac and I get to exploring. We go to the second floor into Citizen Supply and see some folks working the photo studio they have built into the retail space. To me, it looks like the group of 3 are actually working. I approach them and ask if they are working a photoshoot for the store. They aren't, just capturing some snaps for the Gram. Having my Leica M7 on hand with Kentmere 400 loaded knowing the sun is going down and I wanted to pop in the Ilford Delta 3200 I picked up from Professional Photo Resources earlier in the day, I asked if they would be interested in a mini shoot. An instant "YES" came out with a few energetic giggles and away I went directing and shooting. Now... not every shot taken turned out so hot, but there are a couple in here that kill. In a perfect world, I would have been working with Kodak Trix, but the world isn't perfect and the results from Kentmere came through correct. 

On the B&W film testing topic, I've just finished up using 3 films I've never shot before, Kentmere / Fomapan / Lomo Lady Grey. Each has a fun unique characteristic but I have to say that Fomapan takes all the cake. More on that later.

I hope you enjoy. Click to view full image.