Sometimes you walk and walk and walk until you find a beautiful cherry red AMC AMX. The owner of this beautiful machine was working underneath while his sons watched and assisted with the tools needed. I slowly passed by and asked if I could take a few photos. The son asks "Hey dad, there's a guy here that wants to take some photos. is that ok?" Not seeing the father working (at the time), I immediately felt horrible. Knowing my work flow, nothing makes me for annoyed than being interrupted while deep in the process. I do my best to politely back out of my photo request, valuing focus and empathizing with the dad. That dad responds "heck, I don't care, go for it". I'm still hesitant, but the dad crawls from under the car, shakes my hand, and precedes to tell me all about this beautiful machine. 

I love moments like this and one of the many reasons I don't give up on walking the same streets day after day. Something new my not present itself for months on end, but when it does, it's a great story to capture.