Team Bio Portraits Are A Must

When I re-design or build new sites for brands I always offer to do team bio portraits. There are a millions ways to capture this but for this project I chose to direct using strobe. I also believe there is a lot of value in capturing your crew candidly that will give off the vibe needed, but that's the cool part about websites... the content can change with time.

The shot above is for a continued effort with Alchemy Lounge. Zack asked if he could hold a plant jokingly, I laughed and said YES! And here we are today. The perfect pose holding a potted plant. 

I also captured Alchemy Lounge Barista's, Lydia and Kyle, with the same background. Looking back at it I should have changed it up just a bit similarly to how I shot Zack. Once again, this is the fun part of content creation, it's ever changing, and being able to change on the fly is key.