Strobing The Sun With Paul C. Buff

Listen... if you've never gone out and shot mid-day sun with strobe then you're playing it too safe. I know, I know... it seems plain ridiculous, but it just makes sense once you see what you can create with this light on light action.

Sometimes to grow you have to take a "risk". For me that risk was shooting products for an upcoming ad campaign with strobe in the middle of the day. Knowing what I know, I expected nothing to workout and had accepted defeat before a single shot was fired; BUT... I didn't let that stop me. I took on the challenge and let the shadows tell me what to do. My only goal was to fill the showdowns just enough to keep shadow play in effect. It was about 2 in the afternoon so the sun wasn't directly overhead and dissected the model pretty evenly. 

Being that we were on top of a bluff the wind was insane. These shots were nabbed with raw light, no diffuser, and I love how they turned out. They might not be perfect but for my first run at this concept I'm elated with the results. 

Thanks for following along. I used the Paul C. Buff Einstein™ E640 Flash Unit powered by their Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme.