Ilford HP5 / One Roll | 5 Stories

Sometimes You Have to Pull It In

I’ve spent a lot of time pushing Ilford HP5 to 800 / 1600 but decided to slow down for this roll. Couldn’t be happier with the results developed in Ilfotec HC. Moral of the story… HP5 is the most versatile BW film I’ve ever used.

I hope you enjoy these five simple stories all captured on one roll of Ilford HP5 400 pulled to 200.


Ms. Chloe

I’ve worked with Chloe for the last year and have really enjoyed her style and presence in front of the lens. She’s fearless and brings a lot of energy to any environment.


This is Franky.

I was driving into work early one day and decided to stop and get a bagel and coffee. I roll up to one of my favorite local coffee shops and question if it’s worth grabbing my camera for this quick in and out coffee grab. Normally I never ponder the question but it was early and I didn’t think the five minutes I would be in the street would add up to an image. With that said, I’m sitting quietly staring at my bag then say out loud “you never know”, then nab the M7.

As I walk up I see this seemingly well put together man in front of the shop. “You wanna take my picture” he says as I’m getting closer. I respond “well yes I do”. At this point I knew something was off but welcomed the easy street portrait win.

Turns out, Mr. Franky is “wanted by the CIA, FBI, Russian Mafia, KGB, and President Trump. They framed me and my friends and family are trying to kill me for my money. I’m a world famous songwriter and producer, can’t you tell by the way I’m dressed”. Franky went on to ask if I was going to put this in the paper. I informed him that I’m not with the paper but I’ll do my best to pass the message along. After Franky went on about the same subject for the next ten minutes while I waited for the coffee shop to open, he pinged me about 4 more times asking if I was with the paper and was I going to put this into the paper. Eventually I just told him I would put this in the paper. Then we fist bumped, the doors to the coffee shop open, and I go about my day.


Ms. Lauren

I’ve worked with Lauren for the past 3 years and have always been able to capture her in a way that brings out her depth. Not sure why this is the general tone we create together but I always know we’re going to get something good when our schedules align.


I love beat down basketball hoops in places they shouldn’t be. This is one of those examples.


There are days where it just makes sense to roll around and see what timeless scenes I can find. Pairing an old vehicle with old architecture will always demand a photograph. I also had a really good time exercising my metering skills in the sun to ensure a couple of the shots didn’t’ turn to silhouettes.

Matt Pittman / Leica M7 / Ilford HP5 / Huntsville, AL