Global Reanimation || Short Story: Part 1

Everlasting life… at a cost too high.

In 1995 a global outbreak of a flesh eating virus broke out. No one was able to pinpoint what or who was responsible but the rumor is that when the CDC hosted a summit with humanities brightest scientific minds to create the next step in human evolution they created what was thought to be the solution to life’s biggest issue… death.

In this scientific R&D the CDC ended up creating a serum that would be the beginning of the end of the world. They did solve the problem to ultimate death, but the cost was not worth the “reward”. In exchange for everlasting life you had to die and then be reanimated by this serum which would take effect within seconds. Once reanimated you were you, but your body did not work biologically the same as it had in your first life; the mind and CNS stayed in tact while the body continued to decay without pain or suffering.

At the time the world’s society celebrated! We were all aligned politically, world hunger was no longer an issue, healthcare was not needed anymore, there was no more deforestation do to no demand for animal byproducts, and many more globally positive actions took place. There were no nations any-longer, just a one world economy that took life on earth to a beautiful place for years until…..

In 1995 it was reported a small village in South Africa cannibalized each other to the point where the CDC found people slowly eating themselves when all else was gone. They found many people with only shoulders and head still animated grinding their teeth for other human flesh to naw on, no matter if it was even their own.

This was kept quiet for about 6 months until another outbreak hit in Morocco. More public now, the news picked up on this and engaged with the Prime Minister of the United World, Prime Minister Murray. PM Murray immediately responded publicly, being he had been aware of the first outbreak, and made a public statement. “We are aware of this tragedy and giving it our most immediate attention. What has happened in Morocco is horrifically tragic. We have eternal life and through the power of the United World. We will prevail!”

No one could truly explain what was happening. We had lived without illness or death for 10 year. A sense of panic was slow creeping around the globe. For the first time in a decade the world community had fear of death in the most horrible way.

To be continued…

P.S. Depicted here is one of the factories used by the CDC in the 1980’s to develop their life reanimation serum. I don’t know how I’ve resisted “the turn” but I know I have to document as long as I can before it takes me as well.