More Honest Portraits Please

“and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

I shoot a lot of photos. Some digital (primarily for content marketing purposes), but more so on film. Some think of film photography and development as complicated or even defunct, but I would argue it most definitely is neither. If you compare the time it takes to purchase a digital camera, learn how to manage RAW files, then find your editing style; I could argue that that is more complicated and costly. More importantly, film photography is still extremely relevant as a personal and professional medium to tell your story.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, why film?

Film is real and transparent. It’s honest in a world of skin smoothing, digital makeup and body modification to make a person into something they think they need to be vs. the beautiful self that they are. In a world that is constantly promoting the unreal, I find film to be the best medium to tell the truth about a person. Please don’t misunderstand me, honest portraits happen everyday with digital photography, I just like when people view my portraits they know immediately this is real, and that fills my create need.

Some of the portraits below were directed and some were at random in the streets, ice cream parlors, record shops and coffee spots throughout the Southeast. I hope you enjoy.

Matt Pittman / Portrait Photography / Ilford HP5 / Kodak Portra 400 / Street Photography / Leica M7