Analog Talk Podcast Photowalk / Nashville, TN

Rain or Shine… I’m All In.

The weather was on the verge of having the sky fall out all day and everyone was wondering if the Analog Talk Photowalk was still on. I’m pretty close to Nashville (where the photowalk was held & where Timothy Ditzler, 1/2 of Analog Talk Podcast, is located) and thought that if the walk was going to be with Timothy only then he’d probably reschedule. As soon as I saw that Chris (the other half) was flying out from L.A. then I knew it was on.

Borrowed raincoat in tow, I packed up my bag and head out to the meet up. I got there a little early to do some street lurking. I found a couple frames but nothing to write home about. About 5 minutes to 2pm (when it started) I walk back to the pedestrian bridge to see Timothy and Chris at the top looking around to meet everyone in the real world for the first time. Fun fact… this was actually the first time that Timothy and Chris had meet in person as well. I don’t know the back story on this collaboration yet, but I’m eager to find out more as I’m sure I’ll connect with Timothy again soon to lurk the streets on a day that’s not so filled with camera killing weather. I mean… I’ll die for a good photo, but don’t kill my camera.

OK… so I walk up and can feel the energy of excitement and the “I hope people show” nerves. Although Timothy and I had never meet… I felt right at home geeking out about camera shenanigans right off the bat. Chris was as sweet as she could be and had two baller Contax cameras swinging around like no big deal. She had a Contax G1 and T2. I’ve never shot either but they look like amazing compact machines.

We all hang out for about 45 minutes due to a location error, but it was good! We all chat and got acquainted with one another. AND then the coolest thing happened… Timothy and Chris started throwing Kodak film at us! I felt like a dog catching a frisbee. They gave out 3 rolls a piece: Kodak Trix 400 / Portra 400 / Ektar 100. NAILED IT!! Oh, and some Analog Talk pins.

Alright… the rain is picking up so we start moving through the street to a pub down the way. I forget the name. I honestly couldn’t care less about the Nashville scene minus the people. I love the people. Street for days. Actually, if I lived in Nashville I’d probably spend a good amount of time going up and down Broadway documenting “Old People That Look Lost”. That would entertain me for months.

We get to the pub, everyone gets settled in, chats a bit more, and then the raffle kicks off! I forget the exact things that were raffled off, but there were three rounds of some really fun stuff. I do remember a Polaroid camera and film, can’t remember the rest but it was good.

I captured the vibe as best as I could with my Leica M7, Zeiss ZM 35mm 2.8 & Rollei Flash, then had to head out, sadly.

If you haven’t checked out Analog Talk Podcast, I recommend you do! They have some great shows that will sure to inspire / entertain.

Thanks for reading along. Film shot: Ilford HP5 / Develper: Ilford Ilfotec HC

Matt Pittman / Analog Talk Podcast Photowalk / Nashville, TN / Leica M7 / Zeiss ZM 35mm / Ilford HP5 / Timothy Ditzler / Chris Bartolucci