Portraits in the Rain

Portraits in the Rain

It's always a pleasure working with a model you have a history with. Lauren has been great to work with for well over a year now. Once you develop a working relationship with your crew things go smoother.

We had a full afternoon to explore Scottsboro, Alabama to shoot some upcoming Spring apparel for an ad I'm buildling. This particular day the sky decided to fall out and we had to work with the limitations we were given. "But Matt... why not just work on a different day"? Great questions, it's becuase this is the only day we had the model and opportunity to shoot. So... adapt and overcome. Fortunately, the sky dried up just long enough for us to capture this beautiful back country road and stay relatively dry.  

Equipment Used:

  • Canon 5D Mark IV
  • Canon 70-200 Lens
  • Paul C. Buff Einstein 640
  • Paul C. Buff 64" PLM
  • Paul C. Buff Vagabond Battery
  • Pocket Wizard Triggers\Recievers

Final Note:

I did want to point out a little note on the last image. This was shot outside under a gazebo. To get this "studio backdrop" feel to the image I exposed my background first, then angled higher than normal, exposed the model a bit brighter than her surroundings and BAM... it looks fake LOL! Kind of a neat look to it that may work well for some of you. This was a happy accident. Not a designed shot.  

Go to Paul C. Buff and check out their gear. It's proven time and time again to get me the look I want. They'll serve you well