Stephens Gap with Jeff Rose on Kodak Portra 400

Capturing the depths of Alabama on Kodak Portra 400

My pal Brenton Little introduced me to his long time friend Jeff Rose on Thursday Nov. 29th, three days before he would be passing through Woodville, AL and exploring Stephens Gap Cave. The cave is pretty treacherous and requires a waver to be signed and requests that no one visits alone. As you can see from the photos, the cave is absolutely stunning, but is wet and has a very deep hole that invites anyone to become a permanent member.

Jeff is an amazing landscape photographer and embarked on a road trip from Arkansas to Florida. He’d heard a bunch about what Alabama had to offer for landscapes and hit up quite a few amazing places, such as: Fall Creek Falls / Natural Bridge / Bankhead National Forest / Stephens Gap / Cloudland Canyon (GA) / High Falls / and more I don’t recall at the moment.

Fortunately for me, I got to tag along on the Stephens Gap section. I’ve only been there once before and shot it all digital. It was an amazing experience but when I heard Jeff needed a wingman I was all over it with my Canon ELAN 7 / 17mm-40mm lens / Kodak Portra 400 / Feisol Tournament Tripod.

It had rained for several days before the hike and I was super pumped to see the cave with a heavy waterfall. I was not disappointed. The waterfall created a fine mist that glistened like snow. It wasn’t enough to get use wet but enough to create an amazing scene to capture.

Matt Pittman / Jeff Rose / Stephens Gap Cave / Kodak Portra 400