Cave Dwelling

I've never Indiana Jones'ed a photoshoot before. Alabama is absolutely stunning; filled with beauty and mystery from top to bottom.

Lauren and I needed to nab a Patagonia ad for Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro Alabama. So, with the Patagonia spirit in mind, we head out to find a new place neither of us had been that was outdoors and somewhat close by. Come to find out, only 15 minutes away is a cave that turned out to be jaw droppingly beautiful. After a mile hike in with approximately 70lbs. of gear, we arrived and started scoping out the spot.

I gotta say... I was skeptical on how the Paul C. Buff equipment would react to a misty damp cave but everything worked beautifully and allowed me to get the shots needed.

This is my first experience shooting in this location. I have plans for more and can't wait to go see what I can create. Stay tuned...