Handbuilt Bicycles and Strobe

I've shot the cycling scene across the country for years in natural light, but have never tried my hand at strobe. Take aways... it's not easy, and post processing can get mind numbing. Let's start with the fact that the bicycle and rider are in very bright colors. This created a glow that was hard to dehaze and retain detail. That along with strobe ghosting made this a GREAT homework assignment for me to test the waters.  

My personal thoughts on these shots, I'm not in love with them but kind of lost on what direction to take them at this point. So, here they are! I'm not giving up but I did what to share my story with you fine folks. My goal on this journey is to be transparent and an outlet for those that may be in the same boat. One of the biggest reasons I love photography is that it is a never ending challenge to make each shot better than the next. I love this journey that I'm on with strobe and will continue to push my comfort zone shot after shot. I hope you're on the same path.   

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