Headshots With Blevins Bicycle Co.

For anyone that's followed my journey from the Create Folly days of blogging and photo sharing, then you know I have a long relationship with Matt Blevins and the Blevins Bicycle Co. crew. Mine and Matt's careers have jumped leaps and bounds so it's really a pleasure to work together in our upgraded capacity. 

Now, the goal of this shoot was to capture Matt fitting Brandon to his new bicycle. For those of you that don't know what a bicycle fitting is, you'll have to do your own research on that, but just know it's getting your body geometrically inline with a bicycle to give you the most efficient output possible. Fun stuff. I did capture the process of getting Brandon fit to his bicycle, but I wanted to share two of my favorite headshots from the shoot.

These two shots are uniquely different in that the one up top (Matt Blevins) is a little dreamier (i.e. softer) and outlines him well as a solid intro image for an article or a new header on his website (Editors note: which I also had the pleasure of building for him). Whereas Brandon's is more defined, less hazy, and focused. A lot of why this is has to do with my lighting position for the two shots. I went with it in post processing to enhance what was already there vs. try and make them match. I struggle with the lack of consistency but at the end of the day, when capturing lifestyle photography it should be expected that each shot will have a unique quality from the next. 

With that said, this may work for this shoot but in a perfect world, each and every shot should be as consistent as the last. Or maybe I'm applying principles from headshots that don't necessarily need to apply to lifestyle or editorial work. 

At the end of the day, these two shots worked out really well! I loved playing with the Paul C. Buff Einsteins with 64" PLM Umbrellas to bring this all together in such a large space. They're an absolute dream with work with!

Brandon Welch 20+ Years Exerience in Bicycle Maintanence